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We design unique limited edition prints dedicated to the greatest artists in the world

  • Print N°9 Bradley Nowell 28/50 prints left New
  • Print N°8 Prince 45/50 prints left
  • Print N°7 The Rolling Stones 42/50 prints left
  • Print N°6 Björk 43/50 prints left
  • Print N°5 Elliott Smith 44/50 prints left
  • Print N°4 Johnny Cash 44/50 prints left
  • Print N°3 Yoko Ono 46/50 prints left
  • Print N°2 Bruce Springsteen 41/50 prints left
  • Print N°1 Bob Dylan 38/50 prints left

About us

We're passionate about
music, art and design.

ARTIITII started when two childhood friends decided to make something of themselves. Both have their own unique skill set to bring to the table, as well as a strong love and mutual respect for one another.

Our true passion is about the beauty of combining music, art and design. We aim to bring uniqueness into a world of mass production.

The prints are dedicated to the greatest artists of all time. Artists who have changed the world in some way. Artists who have touched people through decades.

Each one of our prints are carefully drawn by hand, uniquely designed for this purpose only and limited to 50 prints each.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things that people ask us

What payment methods are available?

We accept Visa, Masterard, American Express, Discovery all via PayPal. It's the most secure and easy way of handling payments online.

How do you ship the prints?

We use Posten AB (Swedish Royal Postal Service) for all orders, to ensure that your products get to you quickly and without damage.

How long does it take before I recieve my print?

Your order will ship within 48 hours from the time order is received. It takes approximately 4-6 working days to any address within Europe, and 8-10 working days to an address to the rest of the world.

Still have questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us at and we will happy to answer all your questions.